Monday, February 27, 2012

Whorish Cream of Wheat

Shellooo errrrrbody.

I hope my trillions of darling fans appreciate that it hasn't been 78.3 days since my last post like usual. This one might be long....but I don't know bout this. I'll write right now...and then I'll get back to you.


RE: The Space

WE MOVED INTO IT MOFOS!!! Straight up it happened earlier than it was supposed to due to like...politics or something...

When we got there it was....I guess underwhelming is the word. Not the space itself just how much NOTHING there was. Floor was all jacked up and painted weird and there was just not much going on. However it was sweet to put the blocking we zoomed through on its feet in the space. There wasn't really much of a difference in the spacing except for the fact that it was really difficult to understand entrance and exit spaces.

BUT soon enough things started to magically appear on stage and what do you know we had a set!! Thanks to everyone that did that. Most likely it involved someone named Scott so if you're named Scott you get virtual hugs and kisses.

The space is also really sweet because of the backstage wall we got to chalk up. I'm gonna miss the art we made but thanks to someone else named Scott it was all erased. This Scott just prolly doesn't like art or humor. Sad days.

Anywho, the WashU South Campus Theater Space is just a wonderful place to be what's known as "There" watching our show. So come by...even though if you're reading this you probably are contractually obligated to attend....

RE: Music

So, now all our piano is being handled by the wonderful Justin who is champing his vamping I must say.

Also, we got a band!! I don't really know any of them but they sound like a dream and a half. YAY FOR Y'ALL!!

Also I think that we just sound better with them too. Everyone is all mic'd up thanks to the great Donald our sound guy and walking movie plot spoiler (never forgotten, sir)

Over the past weeks I've been having a LOT of vocal trouble. I got pretty sick and lost my voice completely and have slowly been working it back up. Not there yet but with some throat coat and a positive disposition ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

RE: Run Thru's

Now, we have been running the show A LOT, more than I've EVER done with any other show. It's tiring but it's fun and it helps us really OWN every moment and understand the nuances of the show. I didn't have fun doing the Chase Scene for the longest time until a few nights ago when I realized how dense it is, and how fun it is to run away from Zach's scary ass.

Also there are many things I discovered during the run

  • I thoroughly miss Taylor's invisible baton. It was great.
  • Hold on before I continue this list can we just take a moment to realize how painfully awkward that video I just linked is? I mean...that was a mullet...I'm pretty damn sure.
  • Fake joints taste kinda good!
  • The audience sitting in the way of Dowdy's soundwaves when he's yelling are in for a treat. I learned the hard way.
  • It's hard to stay in character when you got people like Terrie being all funny and shit. (0:16 on is the point of that video) Lenora, you gotta work on that.
  • Speaking of Lenora, I now know what crazy tastes like.
  • Everyone is so painfully talented

RE: Notes

Scott's notes are so funny for a few reasons. In particular I just really like the way he acts things out. I've made a note of it in a previous post but I think that the beginning of this video really sums up his vision for the show and just always comes to mind whenever we get Miller-ography.

Also, I write my notes in my phone cuz I'm such a hip guy. Some more notes I have are

  • Don't hit my friends in the feet with a pick axe (seems so obvious!)
  • All white people look alike to Dupree
  • Cry-Baby: The Jewsical (I think this came from a note Scott misinterpreted to Jen)

Other than that, I think that we're given a LOT of freedom to fuck around and do stuff which I like so our notes really are just to make sure the plot is told as truthfully and clearly as possible.

I can't believe we open in like two days....nuckin futs.

RE: Cast Crush

Whatever, I love you, blah blah.

Here's a hint for those who wanna know who these incredibly honest displays of emotion are for.

RE: Blew of the Day

Since this will be my last post in this wonderful black history month, we will get TWO!!! For the price of one!!! I'm sure this is what MLK was Dreaming about.

And here they are folks!

LENNY KRAVITZ!! He's uh....well he's actually Black and Jewish....good for him!

And the bonus!!!


Yeah this one's a stretch but it's black history month and we take what we can. Travis McCoy and Adam Levine make up a wonderful shade of what your favorite color should be: Blew!

RE: Fancy Ticklers

  1. Again...that invisible baton
  2. Being in a show that IMPLORES me to create sexual miming eating someone out
  3. Cindy, in an effort to cool a fellow cast mate's hormonal jets, saying "Put the Mouse back n the House
  4. Lenora's "pregnancy" making her torso look like the Elephant Man's face
  5. Ryan's lil Qry-Baby Quirks he's been sprinkling around the past week or so.
  6. Virgin Oatmeal
  7. Lips with Denim Jackets
  8. That Japanese Musical with the 40 day run. Lent
  9. Watching the Angel part of that aforementioned video....sweet Jesus that's funny
  10. Chris's voice cracks
  11. The increasing number of similarities between our show and Super Mario. So many Little Mushroom People in The Chase and such a Nifty composition. Also in my leather jacket I look like one of these guys.
  12. This. It's basically what a switchblade AND butterknife can agree to laugh at...

RE: Conclusion

Sorry if this one wasn't as festive but I'm swamped with work but I wanted to make sure I actually documented that last few days of this wonderful process. I CANNOT wait to show this off and make a bomb ass regional premiere of this show. It makes my spirit rise and gives my soul a boner.

Here's to cold showers!

See you at the theater!


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